Monday, 18 January 2010

A very shiney Fortress

Alex Schranz (aka. Orion Pax) has stunned a lot of people with his latest MOC, a minifig scale model of a the B-17 Flying Fortress, a WW-II classic.

It's not hard to see why. Almost the entire aircraft is built with metallic silver parts. Towards the end of WW-II the USAAF had a lot of aircraft that were left in natural metal finish, and the silver is a wonderful representation of this colour scheme. At a first glance, certainly from the angle seen in the picture above, it looks stunning.

My hat is off to Alex for giving this a try. Considering the limited selection of parts in this colour he had to pull out all the stops to get even close to the shape. Unfortunately, when seen from a lower angle it seems clear that what he was going for isn't (yet) possible, even for a man of his talent.

dropship from "Avatar"

I meant to post this rendition of a dropship from the movie "Avatar" by Mike Psiaki quite a while ago, but to be honest it completely slipped my mind. So, now that I've remembered, here it is:

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


ShockAndAwe, a skilled minifig customizer, has posted his first vehicle, a USMC LAV-25. It looks great to me, especially seeing as he built in it tan, a color that has a rather limited selection of parts. Be sure to check out the rest of the photos in the set for the creation on flickr.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Julius Dabrowa, a builder who, up until recently, has mostly dabbled in MLCAD designing, has built a microscale MiG-29K (NATO reporting name: Fulcrum-D), a carrier-based variant of the venerable fighter. As is visible in the photo, he's included folding wings just like the original, and numerous other details that can be better appreciated by viewing the photo set on flickr. While the cockpit could perhaps benefit from the use trans-clear or trans-smoke bricks, I admittedly kind of like the blue as it gives the creation a sort of old-school feel.

Combat Wombat

"Combat Wombat" is the best name ever. 'Nuff said. (built by Shannon Ocean)

hunt the rats

Karwik, a builder whose work I have only recently discovered and which seems to primarily focus on town-themed creations, has built what appears to be an allied sniper's view of a German soldier during WWII. He's combined depth of field and creative photography and editing to present a stunningly realistic impression of an all-too routine scene from that bloodiest of wars.

Monday, 11 January 2010

brown-water navy

Fradel "Slice151" Gonzales has recently posted two brown-water naval vessels - a patrol boat and a hovercraft - that he built last year. Both are built in a near-futuristic style that's typical of Fradel's work and exibit an impressive level of detail. In particular I like the turret on the on back of the PB, which incorporates a minifig in a way that's reminiscent of a hardsuit, but there are many interesting details throughout both creations. The hovercraft is also well armed and has a roomy interior, perfect for transporting a squad of naval infantry for an amphibious assault.