Friday, 26 March 2010

Thursday, 11 March 2010

M6 Crusader, now with instructions!

More than a Year ago fellow LEGO builder Robin Chang, (aka. GreenLead) started a project called Alpha Company, a community of military builders all working together in the same fictional military unit. As part of this he started looking for military builders who could help out with designs for the various pieces of equipment for Alpha Company and their opponents (the FRC for short).

I agreed to design a truck and loosely based it on the US Army's Palletized Load System, which Robin decided to name the M6 Crusader. The idea was to have a standardised container design so that the same basic truck could be used for a number of different missions. The various builders participating in the project could design their own payloads.

Robin was very busy doing other things for a while, such as making instructions for the FRC's Ravager Jeep, designed by Aleksander Stein
( which we blogged a while ago), but after that he turned his attention back to the Crusader. We agreed to a redesign.
Alpha company M6 Crusader V.2 (1)
It carries a bigger load, is shorter overall, has new camouflage (dark green, reddish brown and dark blueish grey) and looks a lot more serious somehow.

After a lot of hard work, Robin has now finished the instructions for this model as well.

You can download them from the Alpha Company website. I think Robin has done a great job making the instructions for this. They are very clear and look very professional. In the process he also designed an alternative payload module, where the 'payload' consists of passengers. It too is included in the instructions.

I suspect that pretty soon Alpha Company will be launching a competition for their users to design their own modules. I already look forward to it.