Monday, 19 October 2009

day of the armoured car

Carter Baldwin, Mike Psiaki, and Cole Blaq coincidentally all posted armoured cars yesterday, though they're all unique in their own respective ways.

I've seen Carter's at BrickFair, and can attest that it's very fra- I mean cool. But in all seriousness, it's a well-built creation that, as is usual with Carter, sacrifices playability for detail and sleekness.

Mike's, on the other hand, is evocative of some sort of moon buggy, which is fitting as he apparently based it on a vehicle in "StarCraft II." Unlike a moon buggy, however, it packs quite the nasty bite. In particular, I love the suspension: I can just imagine it rolling across some craggy extraterrestrial planetary surface with ease.

And, last but not least, Cole's is a rugged-looking vehicle that also looks well-suited to making it across harsh terrain. The use of an (in my opinion) oftentimes tragically overlooked windscreen is refreshing, and the overall simplicity of the creation is nice.

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