Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Island hopping with Babalas Shipyards

We don't blog a ship on this blog every day. (In fact we don't blog every day, full stop, but never mind.)

The appropriately named builder, Babalas-Shipyards, has posted pictures of a very interesting craft: a so-called "Landing Craft Support Large", a craft used by the US Navy in WW-II to provide fire support to amphibious landing forces in the Pacific. Obviously it was intended for the 'Fire Support' challenge on the flickr military build group, but it wasn't finished in time. No problem, I'll blog it anyway.

It's an impressively large build and very detailed, although by the builder's own admission some of the parts were a bit rushed and improvised. That wasn't at all obvious to me. It looks great and it is a very interesting choice of model.

To take in all the details and the clever construction used for the main bridge, among other things, I recommend you take a look at more pictures in the full photoset on flickr.

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  1. Magnificent LEGO Warship design! I wonder why LEGO never sold military themed toys in the market?