Wednesday, 14 April 2010

the best of nnenn

Tragically, the reclusive builder known only as nnenn to most of his was killed in a car crash earlier this month (see this post on The Brother's Brick). The guys over at TBB are paying their respects to him by blogging their favorite creations of his, so I thought that it'd be the least I could do to blog a couple of my favorite of his military-themed creations.

His F-16 Fighting Falcon is always what comes to mind when I think of nnenn's work in the military theme. His tendency to build sleek and studless aircraft and spacecraft never failed to impress.

Of equal note is his near-future derivative of the Eurofighter Typhoon, which was his last military-themed creation. It's quite possibly his best, as well, considering the many intricate details that he managed to incorporate into the creation while still keeping it very clean in appearance.