Friday, 4 June 2010

It's contest time!

The deadline for the flickr military build contest has now passed and the judges are in the process of deciding who are the winners and runners-up in the contest. We've had some great entries and it's not an easy job, but we hope to get it done soon.

T-2/55 [3]
Those of you who haven't yet had enough of building military stuff or perhaps were unable to finish an entry for the military contest might be interested to know that tank builder imagelego has announced his second tank building contest. He is happy to accept a fairly wide selection of vehicles as a tank, but you should check out the rules yourself.

Imagelago will be judging the contest with the help of Aaron Patrick Morse, Daniel Siskind (aka. Brickmania) and myself. There is a prize to be won that I'm sure any LEGO military builder will have some use for: set 7595, Army men on Patrol, as well as a selection of Brickarms. The deadline is still fairly far away on the 15th of August, so there's plenty of time to build something nice.

Happy building!