Monday, 27 September 2010

The Return of the Blogger

As I'm sure you all have noticed, I've been rather inactive on this blog as of late. My amount of involvement in the LEGO community tends to reflect my current level of building activity, and since BrickFair I've been a bit burnt out on LEGO, but I'm slowly getting back into building by fiddling with a few works-in-progress. It's about time that I start posting here more regularly again, so I'd like to start things off with Dr. Spontaneous's Armored Patrol Vehicle (APV) and heavy field gun:

I really like how he's incorporated the so-called cheese grater parts into the muzzle brake of the heavy field gun. The rest of the detailing is also superb, and appears to be quite functional as well.

The APV is excellent as well, and, in addition to looking good, appears to be able to fit two minifigs side-by-side, no mean feat for a vehicle that's only six studs wide at its narrowest.

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