Saturday, 19 September 2009

Military Lego at STEAM 2009

Time for some shameless self-promotion: on October 3rd and 4th members of the British AFOL group 'The Brickish Association' will be displaying models at the Great Western LEGO Show in the STEAM museum in Swindon in the UK. Too many different things for me to mention here will be on show, including a number of train layouts, neo-classic space models, Star Wars models and loads more. There will also be a military presence, however, which is where this blog comes in.

Dr. Sinister, imperial ruler of tabletown will be attending with his army. He made a video of his display during last year's show.

This year's Tabletown display promises to be even bigger and greener.

By now you may be wondering why I mentioned self-promotion? After all, I'm not Dr. Sinister. The answer lies in a display that I mentioned in the very first post on this blog. A few months ago, Brickish displayed models at the Manchester Museum of Science and Technology. Part of the display was a set of aircraft built by Ed Diment (a.k.a. Lego Monster), his lovely wife Annie (Mrs Monster, obviously) and me (you see, there I am!). The whole thing was too big to capture completely in one nice picture, but here's one to give you an impression.

All of the aircraft, including a Sopwith Camel, Hawker Fury, Supermarine Spitfire, AVRO Vulcan, BAE Hawk, Sea Harrier, Panavia Tornado, and Eurofighter will be on display at STEAM as well. Yours truly has already booked his plane ticket!

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