Monday, 28 September 2009

there's your problem

As part of his ongoing project of building an African city, which is impressive enough in itself, imagelego has rebuilt his T-55 in a predominately brown color scheme that makes for very convincing rust and has presented it as a ruined wreck from some previous conflict. I'm reminded of the many photos of destroyed Iraqi military hardware during the Persian Gulf War.


  1. Very nice.
    Ralph, Chandler, any way you can make the images of the MOCs you post a link to the flickr photo page, like on flickr itself? That way people don't have to search all the way to the stream of, for example, imagelego, to find the MOC pictured.

  2. I probably could, but it'd be a lot more work. . . .

    Anyway, I'm glad that someone is reading the blog!