Thursday, 12 August 2010

LEGO Military Build Challenge #1: Arctic Warfare

"Hi all, we'd like to announce our first build challenge here at LMM, the theme of which is arctic warfare. As you may remember, Ralph started a thread about two weeks ago in which he tossed out a few ideas for the theme of this challenge for members to choose from, and you all chose arctic warfare. What's arctic warfare, you ask? Well, I'll let Wikipedia do the talking:

"Arctic warfare or winter warfare is a term used to describe armed conflict that takes place in an exceptionally cold weather, usually in snowy and icy terrain, sometimes on ice-covered bodies of water. One must note the distinction between alpine and arctic warfare - arctic war does not always take place in mountainous terrain, and mountain warfare does not always take place in the cold."

So, we'd like you all to build anything that has to do with arctic warfare, whether it be vehicles, dioramas, or vignettes. Potential sources of inspiration include the Eastern Fronts of both world wars, as well as more recent conflicts such as the Falklands War and the still-ongoing Kashmir conflict. Or you might want to build an alternate history conflict, such as the Cold War gone hot, with battles in such places as the Nordic countries, Russia, or even Alaska. Or maybe you'd like to build something completely fictional. It's entirely up to you!

You have until September 31st to post you creations in the entry thread. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any staff member, or just ask in this thread. Just to clarify, this build challenge is just for fun, and there aren't any prizes involved. Now get building!"