Friday, 6 August 2010

Treating the wounded in Normandy

I don't normally refer to other blogs when writing here, but in the last few weeks I've been reading a series of articles that I found particularly interesting and that I felt like sharing. Andrew Becraft (aka. Dunechaser) is new to the military scene, but hardly a stranger to the on-line AFOL scene as one of the regular contributors to The Brothers Brick. His latest creation is a WW-II Battalion aid station.

Battalion Aid Station (1)

In a series of posts on The Brothers Brick about his recent project Andrew revealed that that recently he has become more interested in building models and that as with many people from our generation, his grandfather fought in WW-II. This combination lead him to this project.

In a post about the vehicles Andrew describes some of the planning and his thoughts on scale. In his second post he describes the whole diorama. In a final post he describes his planning process and the role feedback from other community members played in the project. If you like the sort things I've been writing here his posts are definitely well worth reading.
M3 Half-track and Bocage
The whole diorama is impressive and so is the effort that went into the individual vehicles. I'm already looking forward to what he'll build next.


  1. (Bit behind, but catching up...)

    Thanks for the highlight and the kind words!

  2. Hey, Can you make A Modern war vig?